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Legacy String Strategies for Producing HTML

I am all the time actually excited to see new strategies on JavaScript primitives. These additions are acknowledgement that the language must evolve and that we’re doing thrilling new issues. That being mentioned, I by some means simply found some legacy String strategies that you simply in all probability should not use however have existed endlessly. Let’s have a look!

These legacy string strategies take a fundamental string of textual content and wrap it in a HTML tag of the identical title:

"Whats up".large() // "<large>Whats up</large>"
"Whats up".blink() // "<blink>Whats up</blink>"
"Whats up".daring() // "<b>Whats up</b>"
"Whats up".italics() // "<i>Whats up</i>"
"Whats up".hyperlink("https://davidwalsh.title") // "<a href="https://davidwalsh.title">Whats up</a>"

Native prototypes do not often take away strategies and for good motive — they’ll break web sites! I am shocked I did not find out about these strategies earlier than right this moment. It is all the time enjoyable to see relics of the online previous although!

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